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Born in Munich, Germany as the son of a German businessman and an American Interior Architect, Collin grew up in a bilingual family. They travelled the world and at the age of 11, when his family moved to the U.S., Collin already had more frequent flyer miles than most adults did.

Long before, he discovered his love for writing & photography, writing (or telling) stories ran in his blood and consequently, everyone loves his essays, stories and presentations. As early as in June 2007, one of his famous sunset photos made it into the American Photo Award Book of the year.

The word got around quickly that he was an avid photographer, so from thereon he became one of the few designated photographers in the local skateboard scene; becoming better and better with several photography classes and hard training by his mothers cousin, a professional photographer.

Boating with his father all over the world made him an experienced boater already at a young age. The water became his second love and so he decided to work in the boat rental industry during his high school and college years.

As a result of his aquatic addiction, boating, fishing, writing and shooting photos of everything above the waves is now the center of his life along with studying Journalism at the Florida Gulf Coast University.


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Collin Wellenreiter

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